Michael Abbas

Senior Sales Executive


Hi my name is Michael Abbas please take a minute to get to know me.
From the age of 5 I had an obsession with houses, roofs, the architecture, the way they were built, the amount of hard work and effort that went into it. I used to wonder how on earth they stay standing and how they grow. Now here I am still in love with homes and property and have a passion for it and I respect and understand that I’m being hired to help you sell the biggest asset of your life and having worked in Glenroy, Broadmeadows, Craigieburn and now here I have an abundance of knowledge and I plan to build a future here and am hoping to do so with your help and by help if you were to hire me to sell your home or investment and not only sell it but to insure we achieve the best possible price and to exhaust every avenue of marketing strategies so we can ensure you are happy because that’s our main focus.
In life we all have a plan. You map out where your destination is and find the best route to get you there and you take it. Well that’s where I come in, my job as your agent will be to help you get to your destination.
When we meet I will explain to you exactly why you are hiring me because a lot of agents today think it’s simple to just sell your home. No, you as a vendor are hiring me to get you the best possible price and my job is to do exactly that. There are procedures and methods that myself and my team have put together that have a success rate of 100% and they are there to help you achieve your goal and are there to also attract buyers from many parts of not only your state but many more countries around the world and I can guarantee you my service and strategy will get you to where you want to be and what you want. I pride myself on my service and you as a vendor can tell me what you expect from me and I’m sure you will be pleased.


Mobile: 0423 837 107
Phone: 03 9333 7999
Email: michael.abbas@harcourtsrp.com.au

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