Ameerul Zulfikar

Sales Executive


A long-time resident of Craigieburn, Ameerul’s continuous forming of relationships, connections and network with the locals has made him a community favourite. Growing up locally for the past 15 years, the strong legacy of years of community interactions has brought to life the trust now embedded with his name; with his sales being predominantly coming from people in the community and through referrals. The clear passion, energy and transparency exuded from this young real estate expert truly highlights what it means to be the respected salesman of the people.

Being a young tech savvy agent with a whole host of local buyers waiting for his call, Ameerul possesses innovative marketing intelligence that produces faster sales, top results and high levels of vendor satisfaction.

Ameerul’s goal is to be the #1 local agent, he plans to achieve that by having an exceptional customer experience that form long lasting referrals and repeated clients, to have market knowledge second to none and to be the most active and motivated agent in the area. He always keeps his word, and does not make promises he doesn’t know he can keep.

Ameerul is known for his humour, intellect and easy-going nature, allowing him to create new friendships in an instant. Apart from real estate, he is passionate about soccer, enjoys his road trips and traveling, and spending time with his wife, family and friends.


Mobile: 0412 633 326
Phone: 9333 7999

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