Sibel Sahinkaya

Senior Property Manager / Business Development Manager


Sibel Sahinkaya is our Senior Property Manager and our Business Development Manager who has the ability, local experience and work ethics to meet all your needs in the rental department.

Sibel has studied a Bachelor of Arts degree and has majored in Psychology which has helped her deal with all sort of personalities throughout the years.

Sibel is committed to give 100% effort and enthusiasm to everyone to her clients. A trusted Property Manager since 2003 Sibel understands the role to top tier management. She has a down to earth approach and is driven by love for people. We are proud to say more than half of our current clients are repeat clients or referral clients of our existing clients. Sibel genuinely enjoys meeting new people and focuses on creating meaningful customer experiences and long lasting relationships.

Her job as Business Development Manager is to increase value of management to ensure existing clients are satisfied and to generate new business.

Sibel provides information and thorough knowledge on the Residential Tenancies Act and the current market value.


Mobile: 0411 883 893
Phone: 03 9333 7999

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